Striving to become a pilot can be a great achievement. Quite a few programs across the country have educated thousands of regular people with pilot lessons just like yourself. Perhaps you’re unsure of how to become a pilot, or you are stuck in the middle of your progress. Check out the necessary steps below that’ll explain what needs to be done on your end, so you can become a pilot sooner than you think.

Step 1: Look Up All Available Pilot Schools

To start your journey, it’s important to do your research on any Piloting School that is available to you. Search for the school that’ll help you with financial aid, provide you with the proper resources for school, encourage you to reach your goals. A school with these qualities is enough for a student to choose the school they want.

Step 2: Start Your Flight Training

After you do your research, your next step is to begin your flight training. You’ll be required to register and enroll in a program that involves basic pilot training. All of these programs will give you your first taste of flying. A program’s flight lesson will instruct you with knowing how to handle aircraft. Plus, you’ll be more prepared for the more advanced lessons in piloting.

Step 3: Register for the FAA Medical Certificate

After you complete your Flight Training Program, you’ll need a medical check. Your health must meet the proper standards before you can become a certified pilot. If you meet those stands then you’ll receive your FAA Medical Certificate. This certificate is beneficial for you because it’ll give you an opportunity to fly commercial planes. Under the Aeromedical Examiner or AME, this medical certificate is a first-class milestone.

Step 4: Register for FAA Student Pilot Certificate

Once you’ve received your FAA Medical Certificate, you can now apply for the FAA Student Pilot Certificate. You can consider this certificate as a green light for you to fly Airline planes. Don’t try and apply for this certificate by yourself. Your best option is to contact your flight instructor, and he or she will guide you through the registration process. You’ll be signing the FAA’s Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application through the company website.

Step 5: Begin Your Lessons In-Flight Training

By this point, you’ll receive the necessary certificates that’ll allow you to begin your Part 125 Aviation Training Lessons. Study and practice these lessons as much as possible, so you can increase your knowledge and understanding. You’ll be needing the knowledge and understanding for the next step after you’ve completed all of your lessons.

Step 6: Complete the Private Pilot Knowledge Test

Here’s where the real fun begins. Keep in mind that taking this test is required to fly as an Airline Pilot, but it does come in handy. So, since you’ve now completed your Part 125 Aviation Training, put your skills to the test by passing the Private Pilot Knowledge Test with a high score. You cannot begin the test without receiving an endorsement from your flight instructor. This test will be on a computer and it’ll determine how much you’ve learned during your flight lessons. If you pass with a high score, then you can complete the final step.

Step 7: Complete the Private Pilot Practical Exam

Here we go. The final test. This test will determine if you will either become a private pilot or not. You can think of this exam as like taking a driver’s test before you receive your driver’s license. Similar to the driving test, a professional pilot will examine how you fly the plane. He or she to watch your every move and see how well you can fly a plane. They will decide if you’ve passed or not.