4 Tips for Discussing Science in an Interesting Way


Many of you must have felt jiper first when talking about science. Even though science or science is not limited to formulas, you know! Science is grouped into two groups, namely: pure science and applied…

The Influence of Native American Culture on US History


Native American culture has had a profound influence on US history, from the early days of colonization present day. Read more Fine Arts Heritage in Shamokin. How Native American Tribes Influenced the Founding of the…

The Evolution of Music Early Days in US History


Explore the evolution of music in US history, from the early days of folk and blues to the modern sounds of hip-hop Ancient Beliefs and Rituals in Vinita. How the Blues Influenced the Development of…

Early American Festivals and Celebrations


Celebrate the history of America with early festivals and celebrations! Learn about the customs and Ceremony Traditions in Shamokin. Exploring the Origins of Early American Harvest Festivals The harvest season has long been celebrated in…

The Impact of Immigration on US History and Culture


Immigration has had a profound impact on US history and culture. This article explores Fine Arts Heritage in Vinita. How Immigration Has Shaped the American Dream Immigration has been a defining feature of the American…

The Lost Art of Quilting in American Culture


Quilting is an age-old art form that has been passed down through generations of American culture. Learn about the Fine Arts Heritage in Mamaroneck. Exploring the History of Quilting in America: How Quilting Shaped Our…

The Impact of the Women’s Movement on US Culture


The Women\'s Movement has had a profound impact on US culture, from the workplace to the home. Read more Archeology and Historical in Vinita. How the Women's Movement Changed the American Workplace The Women's Movement…

The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement on US Culture


The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s had a profound impact on US culture. Read more Architecture and Industry in Tahlequah. How the Civil Rights Movement Changed the American Education System The civil…

Passionately Curious Educators


I joined Twitter in July 2012 and I truthfully can't inform you what prompted me to affix. Modern educators: This can be a terrific web site to use for media literacy and social research, however…


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