Well, it looks like 2020 is a year of all kinds of hair decos. Here are a few of the wild ones that being explored at the hair salon in Miami Beach.

    1. Pearls in hair

Yes, that’s right. The one that looks like a great-grandmother’s pearls were taken apart and attached to hair. This works particularly well on cornrose hair. However, there is also the old-fashioned spin pin or pearl-embedded extensions.

                2 . Lavender Sprigs

This one’s a bit nostalgic of the hippies. However, this one is about artificial lavender flowers specifically. This one involves braiding the hairline on both sides with two other braids on either side and then securing it in place in the back. The flowers are then secured with bobby pins.

             3. Crystals in hair

If you want to keep things authentic, you will need to glue them onto your hair. However, that may or may not result in having to snip hair in small places before going to bed. As a result, we suggest a crystal hair extension instead.

            4. Strings of crystals and jewel-embedded flowers

This is upping the ante of the traditional tiny barrettes. These are large crystals and gemstones. Fortunately, this one’s not a bank breaker and different types fit different kinds of hair.

            5. Cuffs

That was modeled at Pyer Moss. They’re simply clamped on.

Now here are some styles that are based on more traditional ones.

             6. The Rope Braid

This doesn’t take super long hair. This is just a three-quarter braid with a loop and twist at the end.

             7. Neon buns

This one doesn’t require a lot of precision. It is simply a dye of a few neon splotches and then pulling the hair up in a bun. The bun doesn’t have to be neat, either. This one can involve simple hair sprays or going to a hair salon in Miami Beach. It makes hair look like a large circle of color.

            8. ‘80’s and ‘90’s hair comb

Some of the simpler styles are back as well. The ‘80’s and ‘90’s hair comb being one of them. This is the crown of the hair pulled back with the bent comb. The look requires a part whether on the side or in the middle. The look was partly inspired by Princess Diana and is considered to be a working mom look. A light layer of spray can be used to tackle any frizz issues.

            9. Twisted half buns

This works best with very thick and cornrows hair. This is a sectioning off from side to side or temple to temple. The hair is then loosely rolled up to the crown, pinned, and then twisted or coiled into a bun.

           10. Finger waves

In the 1920’s, finger waves were very popular with the flapper bob styles. First, the hair is washed, then sectioned into place with large clips and then sprayed. If the hair is long, the rest is then curled up and pinned. It is then sprayed again. If working with short hair, a neon dye can be added for a retro science fiction look.

Many styles are still being recycled into the start of 2020. Both retro and simple are in. Whether you really care about the latest trends or not, the above ideas are the most popular. Hair can be used to make a personal statement or it can just be left to hang loose. With hair, pretty much anything goes.