Many of you must have felt jiper first when talking about science. Even though science or science is not limited to formulas, you know! Science is grouped into two groups, namely: pure science and applied science. With several branches, namely: earth sciences, life sciences, exact and natural sciences, and social sciences. Because we have been caught up in the stigma that science is heavy and confusing, we finally forget that science can help us understand everything around us.

Do you remember the encyclopedia? Before the internet developed, encyclopedias were one of the best references to find out various information and general knowledge. But can you imagine, now we have to carry encyclopedia books everywhere? Besides being heavy and thick, it’s definitely not very practical! Fortunately with the internet we can find a variety of information. You can also more easily share the knowledge you have. Well, if you like all things science and want to share your knowledge on the internet, here are some tips to make the information you convey interesting.

Know Your Topic

It’s a good idea to discuss topics that are close to your life or that you are really good at. Because you will find it easier to retell it with your style. Not only that. By getting to know your topic, you can also discuss a specific topic in depth so that it is not boring. And most importantly, once you know and understand what the purpose of the topic is, decide how you want to explain it to your audience. Is it with pictures that make it easier for them to understand? Or with parables, or use storytelling style.


If you want to cover a broad topic, try dividing the topic into segments. You can choose a few things that you want to explain first. Thus, your explanation will be more focused, in-depth, and certainly easier to understand.

Keep it Simple

It’s not easy to explain something briefly. By reading a lot, doing research , and knowing your topic well, you will also know the keywords of the topic you want to explain. So that you can explain a topic in a simple and straightforward manner. In addition, this will make it easier for your audience to understand what is being discussed even if they are not familiar with the topic.

Be Part of the Community

One way to make your content interesting is by collaborating and also joining communities. That way you can develop the content you create and package it more attractively.