Your Perfect Match

There is nothing like knowing you are loved. We go throughout our young adult years, developing our own selves, and looking for someone that will naturally and beautifully fit whatever mold we have melted into. Finding the perfect match can be a challenging and exhilarating process. But as much as we think we can control our fate, and choose which person is the perfect one for us, life tends to throw us surprises, and that idea of “the one” might just change as you see what opportunities show up at your door.

Thinking back to high school, it’s almost certain that you can think of a handful of people that, back then, were definitely not the match for you. For some, it was that nerdy kid who sat in the corner and played chess. Some were that nerdy kid, and so anyone else, like the football captain was definitely off the list. Either way, those days are over, and people have moved on from the cliques and stereotypes that are built in high school. If you were to run into that boy or girl again, you might just be surprised at how close to matching your type they might be.

Your perfect match can be found anywhere. Before you know it, you could easily run into someone in the unlikeliest of places, and find yourself falling for him or her. Many times, we try to judge just by looking at someone whether or not they would be perfect for us. But the truth is, it takes some time to get past that initial superficial border, and really get to know the other person. Although physical attraction is very important, what’s just beyond that will actually determine whether or not the potential relationship will be a success.

There are many ways to meet people, and begin the process of finding the perfect one just for you. Not only can you partake in community social events, but you can also find ways online, or through places like work, school, or church, to become acquainted with a variety of different people. All people need is a chance to show their true selves. More likely than not, by simply living your life, being open to new opportunities, and learning how to represent yourself well, will be quickly converted into great opportunities to search out someone who will become a little more permanent in your life.

Don’t lose heart. Your perfect match is out there, waiting for you to stumble upon him or her. It may take a few practice tries with different people before you really come upon the real thing. But that day will come, and you will be ready.