Will Angry Birds Costumes Be As Popular As the Game?

Angry Birds. If you haven’t heard of the game you’re probably from another planet. But just in case, Angry Birds is a video game designed by Rovio Mobile, to be played on mobile devices such as a smart phone. The basic premise of the game is sling shot your birds toward a rickety structure, knock that structure down, and destroy the pigs hiding in the structure. Each type of bird has a special power, such as accelerated speed, splitting into multiple bird in flight, or exploding like a bomb once the bird has landed. Is the game fun to play? well, you’ll have to ask the 10 million people who have downloaded the game, 4 million of those people paid 99 cents for it. So, the answer is yes, it’s fun to play and yes, it has become very popular.

More often than not, during the Halloween season people love to dress up in the latest costumes that come out. usually it’s a movie character like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, or a Superhero, like Batman, The Dark Knight. Occasionally you will see kids dressed up as their favorite video game characters. But this year, one of the most anticipated best sellers as far as costumes go, will be the new Angry Birds Costume.

Imagine getting a group of friends together, each buying a red, yellow, or black bird costume and a King Pig costume to complete the team. It would be so much fun to run around the neighborhood on Halloween night reenacting the game, birds flinging themselves at the pig. The available costumes come in both child and adult sizes and characters include the Red Bird, the Yellow Bird and the Black Explosive Bird (explosion not included). There is also King Pig Costume available. The costumes are an easy to wear, pull over outfit made of soft, durable foam this the face of your favorite Angry Birds character printed on the front. There is a hole near the top of the costume which your face will protrude and slits on the sides for your arms. Each Angry Bird comes with tail feathers and feathers on the head true to character.

There are also a line of Angry Birds masks available. These headpieces will transform your noggin into an Angry Birds character and are sure to get plenty of laughs at the annual Halloween party. Already, at the early beginnings of the 2011 Halloween season, costume store are reporting that this costume is a best seller. Time will tell us how popular it becomes and if the Angry Birds Costume will only a big seller for this year, or for years to come. If the popularity of the game continues and new characters are born as new versions of the game are developed, then this costume may be a hit in 2012 as well. But if the game looses popularity over the year, the costume may end up being a one-hit-wonder. even so, the game is great fun and so will the costumes be. Happy Angry Birds Halloween!