Sexy Lingerie Trends

One of the best things about attending a lingerie party is learning about the latest trends. New ideas and designs are always coming out, so it’s easy to come up with sexy surprises for your significant other. Shopping for lingerie can be a lot of fun; it can be confusing, too. Before you attend your first lingerie party, it helps to have a basic grasp of what today’s top lingerie trends are. You can learn more about them below.

Sexy Costumes that Never Go Out of Style

When a hostess plans an adult party, she has to come up with plenty of party ideas for adults. At the same time, she has to be sure to exhibit plenty of sexy pieces of lingerie. One idea that never fizzles out is costume lingerie. There are many exciting types of costume lingerie available, allowing you to role play with your significant other. Whether you don a sexy policewoman costume or a naughty nurse’s outfit, he is sure to be dazzled!

See Through is a Sure Hit

See-through lingerie is something that always turns up the heat. It’s also a fantastic option for women who are a bit more modest or unsure about wearing lingerie in the first place. While it covers you up, it is sheer and allows your boyfriend or husband to get a sneak peak of what’s underneath. From long, flowing gowns to shorter, more risque pieces, there’s sure to be something that you love in a colour that you can’t resist.

Naughty but Nice: Babydoll Lingerie

There’s something positively alluring about an innocent-yet-devilish look, and babydoll dresses help you achieve it with ease. A plunging bustier can make way for a flowing dress that is as long or as short as you like. When paired with cute pigtails and a come-hither look, it’s one getup that few men can hope to resist. The best part is, babydoll lingerie is comfortable and easy to get on and off – you never feel like you’ve squeezed into something that’s too small, and you never feel pinched or uncomfortable.

Camouflage Lingerie

Another alluring combination in today’s lingerie is the camouflage look. Sexy g-strings and revealing tank tops with traditional camouflage patterns are sure to surprise your man in a very pleasant way. Camouflage tends to look great on everyone, too, so it’s a definite win-win situation. You don’t have to worry about blending in with the woodwork when you slip into these sexy clothes, either – if anything, you’re going to stand out! Camouflage lingerie makes a wonderful addition to any woman’s bedtime wardrobe. Shop around to find the look and fit that is perfect for you.