How to Find the Best Treatment For Adult Acne For Your Skin Type

It can be difficult to find the best treatment for adult acne. Incidence of adult acne is on the rise for reasons unknown, affecting up to one in four of all adult men and over half of all adult women at some point in their lives. Some people assume that this skin disorder only affects teenagers, but sadly this is not the case. It can present at any stage without warning and is common for people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. So what do you do if you find yourself presented with a case of post-adolescent pimples?

Most will agree that the pimples didn’t completely stop at the age of 20, having experienced at least a pimple or two on the odd occasion. Adult acne is more than just a few pimples with one third experiencing pimples on their body as well as their face. Women especially suffer from pimples before their period is due. In this case most of the pimples will be hormone related and will therefore be concentrated around the mouth and chin area. Others find that they suffered in their teens and recovered only to have it resurface later in life.

To determine the best treatment for adult acne you may need to look at the causes. It is usually related to hormones, skin type, genetics, cosmetic makeup, hygiene, diet, exercise and even stress. In fact, there are so many causes it is often difficult to determine why someone is suffering from this skin condition. Each case will be different so it may be necessary to see a specialist to determine what is causing your skin to break out.

The best treatment for adult acne is often the same as the treatment used as an adolescent. If you suffered as a teen you may wish to return to a similar treatment for your adult acne, especially if you know it worked well.

It is important to look at a holistic approach to find the best treatment for adult acne. Consider your diet, lifestyle and exercise as co-contributors; your acne could well be a warning sign that something else with your overall health isn’t quite right.

For some, the best treatment for adult acne won’t be the same as what was used to treat their adolescent pimples. If this is the case you may need to look at different methods as it is likely that the cause is not the same as before.

Medicated cleansers with benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid coupled with a good exfoliating lotion will help to cleanse the skin of the bacteria causing the acne. The exfoliant will help to remove dead skin cells that may be contributing to the blocked pores but be careful not to over scrub. Over exfoliation can exacerbate the problem and increase sebum production which will only serve to aggravate the situation.

There are many treatment kits available. Proactive and L’Oreal make specialized systems that are designed to specifically treat adult onset pimples. Some doctors will prescribe antibiotics or birth control pills to minimize the damage. It is important to note that some birth control pills aggravate the skin condition while others have the opposite effect, almost clearing up the skin altogether.

For serious sufferers, there are other best treatments for adult acne available such as laser therapy, Accutane and the new Zeno Acne Clearing Device. To find the best treatment for adult acne it will be important to determine the cause and type so that you can target the problem and achieve resolution with better success.