Dreaming of Pointe Shoes – Focus On Real Pointe Shoe Exercise

Don’t stop dreaming of pointe shoes – (even if you are an adult ballet beginner) but read on for some information on every day pointe shoe exercise techniques that you can do in very little time. Unlike your scheduled dance class, you can sneak these exercises into other time slots. Like when you’re working at a your computer, watching television, reading, or sitting on the bus or train.

Some of them can be done with no one noticing, inside your shoes.

Special exercises that train your tiny foot muscles must be learned carefully, but once you have practiced them and know you are doing them right, they are easy to integrate into short slots of time during your day.

A special exercise to strengthen your big toe muscle increases your ballet foot control. This one tiny muscle supports all of your releves and jumps. It adds to the last second push off onto full pointe, and also gives an extra quick point of the foot that elevates a jump.

It is surprising that at first it may feel impossible to, for example, to lift your big toes off the floor while leaving the other four toes firmly in place. With no rolling in or out of the sole of the foot. And then placing the big toes back down, and lifting the other four.

If this causes a cramp, just relax your feet and keep trying. Working up to twenty repetitions is real progress. For your brain, this is foreign territory. Until a new neural pathway is created. Then you have a new reflex!

As you add more and more simple to learn exercises to your regimen, you will feel the effects in your ballet barre work. As you gain strength and control, you will know that your dreams of dancing in pointe ballet shoes are not impossible to fulfill.

Whilst every battement tendu, degage and releve counts towards you gaining towards dancing in pointe shoes, these special pre-pointe exercises will add to the work you do at the dance studio.