Dealing With Adult Acne

Despite the fact that you may have made it all the way through high school without so much as a single blemish, adult acne can show no mercy. There are those who have suffered with acne problems from the time they were 12 and are still fighting them at the age of 33. There are those that didn’t have a single pimple until they were older than 25. Regardless of when the first one hit, adult acne usually requires adult medicine and treatment.

There are all kinds of reasons that adult acne might strike, including but certainly not limited to sudden hormonal changes after giving birth or an autoimmune problem that has gone undetected. Facial acne usually calls for over the counter medicine that is designed to prevent and treat acne of all kinds.

Acne that occurs on the arms, legs, and back might be a sign that you have developed an autoimmune problem and your body is flaring up. Often, autoimmune related acne will come with pain in the joints or muscles and even seem to penetrate painfully all the way through the muscles.

If you’re finding that you have a few random pimples here and there, you will probably be fine using an over the counter remedy to treat them. If you find that you are breaking out significantly, have deep infectious material that surpasses the first layer of skin, or have pain you should see your physician. You should also make an appointment if this is the first outbreak of acne you’ve had sine your youth. Depending on the presence or absence of other symptoms you might need other medical tests performed.

There are prescription medications that are designed specifically for the acne that adults get versus the normal teenage acne that most products are aimed at. Check your local pharmacy to find out what types of adult acne fighting systems are there and whether they apply specifically to adults. You want to get something made for adults so that you end up with the highest degree of acne causing bacterial battle.

Regardless of age, the problem can be embarrassing and it can impact the way you feel about yourself. In fact, your lack of confidence can easily be showing through. If you have not yet found a treatment regimen that is helpful, you might need to see a dermatologists to understand why you are suddenly battling the fight often left for the teenagers.