Times are getting tough for working moms trying to make their school age children feel special on their birthdays, and schools are getting picky about the things they will allow parents to do for their kids. Hopefully these ideas will help you find some ways to give your kids the A treatment on their special day. Just find out what requirements the school has, you don’t want to make thirty cupcakes only to find out the school won’t allow goods from home.

Cupcakes – The traditional standby is cupcakes, you can easily make twenty to thirty of them in short order, and they can be frosted and sprinkled and garnished into a variety of treats. Some of the favorites are Carrot and Cream Cheese, Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Sour Cream, White cake and Cherry, and red Velvet with Vanilla. You can be super mom and make several kinds, but the kids just love anything you bring in.

Birthday Cake – Kind of the same idea, only easier to transport. Again, the flavors and shapes for fun are limitless, and you can get into the art aspect of the cake decorating fairly easily. Lions, tigers, bears, you name it. I have even done spaceships and race cars, you can get food coloring in every shade imaginable. This is also an easy thing to find in the grocery store, if the teacher requests.

Muffins – Not the sugary treat your kids typically think of, but a perfect morning snack for those who are a little on the health conscious side of life, and they can be plenty tasty. I stick a tablespoon of cream cheese inside the batter after they are in the muffin pans. One of my favorites for kids are blueberry or chocolate with chocolate chip, even lemon poppy seed goes down pretty smooth with the kids. The teachers may appreciate you not pumping the younger children full of sugar too.

Cinnamon Rolls – or sticky buns, or monkey bread. These are big hits with the younger kids, as long as you’re packing enough napkins and baby wipes for the faces! These are great because they can be brought in with a large pan, they are super easy to transport and the teacher will probably want one too. As classes in schools get larger, teachers and kids alike are going to appreciate your creativity, and when you’re doing an average of two to three birthdays a month, unique ideas are a great boon. Kuliner enak Kota Malang