Adult Website Design – Why Turnkey Website Design Is More Cost Effective

Why Turnkey Website Design is More Cost Effective Than Adult Website Design

Adult website design costs you on average $2,000 whereas turnkey website design many times costs as little as $400. Sounds too good to be true but it isn’t. As a matter of fact $2,000 is just the beginning of the cost for a so-called custom adult web design when you count hosting, content, content updates, billing and many other miscellaneous charges that very few prospective entrepreneurs think of when staring out in the adult website industry.

$400 for turnkey design sounds much better for many reasons, not to mention that it is $1,600 less and includes hosting, design, content, updates, billing and your only ongoing cost is domain renewal; which at the moment is only $10.16 annually or less.

Now looking at 2nd year cost you will see a real difference and you truly should see the benefits of going with adult turnkey web design instead of the so-called custom website design road. Usually the $2,000 adult website design is going to have at least a $2,000 2nd year cost so basically you are paying for your website twice and that’s only the second year. This is because of the cost from hosting, content updates and billing. Don’t ever underestimate these charges because if you do you will be out of the adult website business quickly. Remember, its your hard-earned money you’re risking.

With the $400 adult turnkey website design with a select few turnkey design companies you are looking at only $10.16 as your total second year cost. You heard that right. Just $10.16. Can you beat that? I hope you can. Any cost you can cut when starting your own adult website business the better.

Now we have 2nd year cost of adult web site design at $2,010.16 or $410.16. This is a huge difference considering the added cost does not seem to lead to increased revenue. Cost does not increase revenue and this is something that prospective adult website business entrepreneurs need to fully understand. This is just the opposite of what many of us were taught in business school.

Let’s break down the cost a bit more so you can clearly see why adult turnkey design business is without doubt the most cost-effective way to start an adult website business.

1. Design – Web design is expensive if you allow it to be. If you get sucked into this crazy hair-brained way of thinking that the most expensive product is the best than you are the sucker most adult web designers are looking for. If you are more like the person that feels the store that has the best price on Heineken beer is the place you purchase it, than you are the person who should do your research on this low-cost adult turnkey website business and get started in the turnkey business when you have performed your due diligence.

2. Updated content – With adult web site design your cost for content is ridiculously expensive but with adult turnkey web design you have entered into a partnership to market someone else’s content and although it might sound like a dumb move it can be very lucrative because this limits your cost tremendously and provides you with better niche specific content than you could possibly develop yourself.

3. Billing – Billing is very expensive once you do the math and realize what percentage of your revenue is taken by the billing companies including Visa and MasterCard plus the percentage billing companies take from every transaction you make. Note: this is only the case with the so-called custom adult website design. With adult turnkey website design, billing is paid for you by the content company so you reap the benefit. Not bad!!

Please understand we have not discussed marketing in this comparison article and that is only because the marketing cost is what you make it. There shouldn’t be much of difference in cost there but please note you don’t need to spend a great deal of money on marketing if you know what you are doing.

Adult Turnkey Website Design Saves You and Makes You More Over Time

Bottom line is there are many reasons to take a long hard look at adult turnkey website design instead of the so-called custom adult website design. If you haven’t understood them yet, i don’ think you will. It is basically common sense. When you start your own adult turnkey business you have minimal cost but when you start your own adult website design site you will come across costs that might bankrupt you before your adult website business even gets off the ground. Be careful. The most expensive product is very rarely the best product. Email with any questions or concerns because you should have some when your hard-earned money is on the line. Good luck!