Adult Female Hair Loss Problem – Causes and Treatments

All over the world, there are adult female hair loss problem. This can be due to lifestyles, diseases and other factors. This kind of problem in women can be treated using new technologies in medicine.

However, it is best to know the causes of hair fall. This is to properly treat hair fall in women especially the adults. Listed below are the causes and treatments of adult female hair loss problem.


1. Hormonal problems – The thyroid gland can cause hair fall in women. This is because the thyroid glands can be overactive or underactive. Meaning, the hormones (androgen, estrogen) produced by the glands can be out of balanced.

2. Pregnancy – Pregnancy can also be another cause of hair fall in women. This is again due to hormonal imbalance. Hair harm can be noticed after 3 months of pregnancy since hormonal levels in the body are adjusting again after giving birth

3. Illness and certain disease – Hair harm in women are prevalent during the onset of certain disease in the body. The major problem to this can be total hair fall because the hair follicles are not healthy enough to grow instead, it falls out.

4. Medicines – There are also some medications that greatly affect hair fall in adult women. Because of certain diseases like cancer, high dosage of medicines that are treated with active ingredients can kill the hair follicles. However, it may grow again after a few months of resting and stopping of medicine intake.

5. Aging – Because of aging, adult females can also have hair harm. This is due to weakening of the hair follicles. Not enough nutrition will also deteriorate the hair hence causing hair fall.

These are the causes of adult female hair loss problem. Fortunately, there are also female hair loss treatment methods that you can apply. Here are some. Read on.


1. The best treatment of hair fall in women is to eat healthy foods. Proper nutrition is very important since it will nourish you hair and hair follicles will grow fast. It is best to avoid unhealthy foods that are not good for your body and hair as well.

2. Topical and “take in” medicines can also be done to prevent further damage or hair fall. Just be cautious in applying or consuming these medicines because it may cause excessive hair growth in the end. Also, you may want to visit first your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatments.

3. Have a healthy lifestyle. This means that you should also have a stress free lifestyle. Remember, another cause of hair loss is stress and anxiety. So the best thing to do is to bond with your family and friends and enjoy life.

4. Holistic remedies like Yoga, acupuncture and herbal treatments can also be of help to cur hair loss in female adults. These treatments are done by women who are avoiding chemically based medicines. Instead they use the natural way for female hair loss treatment.

These are just some of the causes and treatments of hair fall in women. Try to apply these and be on your way to having a healthy and shiny hair.