Adult Acne – Common Causes and Treatment Methods

Acne generally affects individuals during adolescence and subsides as the person ages. However, at least ten percent of both men and women tend to carry acne further till thirties and forties. Let us see common causes for adult acne and some treatment methods available.

Common Causes of Adult Acne

Family history and genetic reasons form the foremost reasons for adult acne. A person who has even one of his/her parents suffering from acne in their forties and fifties is most likely to develop same skin condition.

If hormonal imbalance is the major cause for skin breakouts in teenagers, for adults it can be stress. Any damage caused to work life balance due to hectic work schedules can equally damage skin and its immunity to acne. With this cause for acne, the disease can be grouped among certain diseases like asthma which are categorized as ‘mind-body’ diseases.

Junk foods and vitamin deficiencies can lead to undesirable skin conditions. With junk foods, skin slowly begins to lose its immunity towards free radicals that can damage skin. Without vitamins collagen production is slowed down which worsens acne.

Treatment methods available

Glycolic acid facials and microdermabrasions are some of the treatment methods available to combat acne. Glycolic acid can remove dead cells and excessive oil from skin. This opens up pores so that there are no blockages for oils secreted by sebaceous glands. Glycolic acid facials by dermatologists can greatly help in acne control.

Microdermabrasion is a skin treatment where dead cells are removed using mild pressure suction pumps. This is a mechanical process as against glycolic acid facial which is a chemical method.