ADHD Natural Remedies – 3 Natural Ways to Decrease the Harsh Side Effects of ADHD Medications

Are you thinking about trying ADHD natural remedies to eliminate the side-effects of ADHD prescribed medications? It is well documented that many children and adults who take prescribed medication for ADHD suffer side-effects such as nervousness, headaches, depression and anxiety.

Although it is common practice for doctors to prescribe medications for adults and children with ADHD, there are several natural alternative treatments that can be used to treat the symptoms. In fact, some ADHD experts agree that combining ADHD meds with natural remedies can make a drastic difference. Other studies indicate that using natural remedies alone are also effective.

If you are on the fence about the safety and effectiveness of non-traditional treatments it is best to take a more conservative approach. Evaluate your treatment plan in conjunction with your doctor to determine which treatment plan will work.

Here are three natural remedies that may help decrease or eliminate some of the side-effects of ADHD prescribed medications:

1. Eliminate troublesome foods. Some research indicates that there is a possible link between ADHD symptoms and food allergies. In fact, many parents notice that their child responds negatively to certain foods, especially those containing sugar, preservatives or colorings.

Buy and prepare natural foods and watch for positive changes in behavior and attention span. Get rid of sugar and soft drinks as too much sugar consumption is known to cause restless, aggressive behavior.

2. Try herbs. A variety of herbs are used to treat ADHD. They include Rooibos, Gingkg Bilona, German Chamomile, Gotu Kola and Valerian. The key to effective and safe herb use is to determine whether the ingredients have been proven to work or reduce symptons.

For example, Gotu Kola is known to enhance memory and decrease anxiety, however, proceed with caution. Some herbal stimulants work similar to prescribed medications so never take these medications at the same time.

3. Exercise regularly. Although it may seem a bit strange to consider exercise a natural remedy, it is absolutely a major component to a natural treatment plan. Adults and children who suffer from ADHD should make it a priority to play or exercise outside in the fresh air. Enrolling in an exercise class or playing team sports is a great way to ensure constant healthy activity.

As illustrated above, it is possible to avoid or diminish the harsh side effects of ADHD medications. Just remember, every child and adult is different so there is no one-size fits all plan. The key is to match the remedy with the symptom and to seek professional advice. Never embark on a treatment plan alone.

It may not be easy to transition from prescribed medications to natural alternatives, but with a patience and diligence, you may find that your life has completely changed using ADHD natural remedies.