Some Advantages of an Adult Day Care Facility

Adult Day cares are on the rise and they are a very good thing to have in our Community, most Communities favor these facilities because not only it provides needed service to the Elderly but they also provide employment for the Community.

It has been documented that there are more Elderly People in our Society today than ever before, a lot of them live alone and is not in the best of health. Adult Day Care can be ideal for those who live alone but are not ready for Nursing Home placement. They could attend one and receive at least two full nutritious meals and a snack. They could interact with other People of their age, this stimulates the mind, and help to keep it focus. Daily activities are provided to keep their limbs loose and their mind alert. Nursing service is provided to assist with their medication ensuring it is taken properly. Social service is also provided; they will keep up with their needs such as Doctor Visits. Inspirational time is also available if the desire to attend.

In order for a Facility to be paid by Medicaid, their Client would have to be there for at least four hours but normal working hours are eight hours.

Most Adult Day Care Facilities provides transportation for their Clients to and from the Facility. If someone would need to go the Doctor, the Facility will provide the transportation for him or contact another service that specializes in transportation.

These Facilities offers employment to others such as a Director, License Nurse, Nurse Assistants, Cook, Housekeeper, Office Manager, Activity Director, and a Driver. These employees should be on hand at all times. A Social Worker is not needed everyday so that Person can work by contract.

This type of service can provide release for a Caregiver, they would have down time when the Client is at the Center but will need to be home when the Client returns.

Doctors favor these Centers and will recommend their Patients to receive care from it.

These Centers are really an asset; they help our Elders to live a more productive life. Most of them enjoy being at these Center because it gives them a chance to do things other than just sitting around the house.