Saucy Characters In The Closet

When you get up in the morning what do you put on? Work attire will be suited to your role. If you work from home then sometimes the case may be you put on the most comfortable thing you can find. So when you and your partner see in each other in the evenings, or whatever time it is you get to see each other, are you wearing the same outfit? After a shower do you put on your trusty old comfy cotton undies that are falling apart? Your old nightie; your baggy flannels?

In the eye of the beholder.

So when was the last time you put on something sexy to make your lovers eyes pop? If you can’t answer, it’s been too long! Everyday clothing can become a little humdrum, the passionate way in which you view each other may be a little stagnant. The good news is with plenty of party ideas for adults available you can spark up your imagination. Dressing up for your lover is a great way to get a little saucy together. Your lover has the pleasure of seeing you in all your glory, dressed up and ready to go. You have the thrill of getting into character and getting in touch with your naughty side. The added bonus will be you know you look hot in your get up and they just won’t be able to resist. When you get in the mood, and into the role you are playing, it will be hard not to enjoy yourselves thoroughly and really give it all you’ve got.

Jack of all trades.

You can be whoever you want to be, it’s all up to you. How would you like to be a police officer, demanding your orders are followed or somebody’s going to get arrested; and they’re going to like it. A sick patient needing some TLC? Well, get out your thermometer and check the temperature ‘cos you’re about to get hotter! You can be Bat Woman, a French maid, the farmers’ daughter or a pussy cat, meeooow. Does your lover want to play boss while his secretary takes dictation? Are you a bad school girl on the inside who needs to show up for detention? A nun who really wants to be convinced they shouldn’t have taken those vows?

Icing on the cake.

The eyes can be a clincher in any sexual encounter. Long lashes have the power to make you look demure and coy or sultry and sassy. Eyelash extensions are a must have in any dress up wardrobe and can go with any look. Attend a lingerie party for more inspiration and ideas. The brain is a wonderful thing, and not just for doing shopping lists. It would be a terrible thing to waste it.