Once Upon A Time – Sexy Storybook Costumes

Sexy nursery rhyme and fairytale characters are very popular women’s costume choices for Halloween, masquerade parties and even some role-playing behind closed doors. Dressing up in a sexy adult costume based on a storybook damsel, maiden or little girl character brings together the sweet and innocent with the naughty and not-so-nice! Women like to wear these costumes and men like to look at them creates to create a fantasy and escape from the real world – let’s just make sure everyone’s over 18 years old! Some of the most popular sexy nursery rhyme costumes and fairy tale costumes for adults include:

Goldilocks: You’ll look like a seductive home intruder in a sexy Goldilocks costume designed as a pale yellow strapless dress with thigh-high white stockings. After you eat porridge, you can coly suggest that you’ll test out all the beds to see which one is “just right.” Don’t forget to add the storybook wig cascading with curls – everyone knows that blondes have more fun.

Little Miss Muffet: A Little Miss Muffet costume is pretty in pink with a corset style top and a short, flounced skirt. Add a little apron with a spider appliqu?� and an old-fashioned mop hat and you’ll look like a sexy version of this classic storybook character that sat on her tuffet eating curds and whey.

Dorothy: Follow the yellow brick road and dress up as a sexy Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. With a vamped up version of the blue gingham, white apron dress, you’ll be strutting your stuff all the way to Emerald City in your sexy red sequined shoes. Don’t forget to add the signature brown-braids wig and a lidded basket holding the plush toy dog, Toto.

Alice: Fall down a rabbit hole and into a land of whimsy and wonder wearing a sexy Alice costume from AliceIn Wonderland. A sexy spin on her simple blue dress and headband will turn you into your own lovely wonderland, especially when you add some saucy black-and-white striped knee-high stockings and a long blonde wig. This is a popular choice in storybook women’s costumes.