Friends With Benefits – The Rules

Be Safe

It is important to always practice safe sex. However, this is especially critical when there is no level of commitment involved in the relationship. If the sex you are having is casual, there is a good chance that your partner is hooking up with others at the same time, whether they admit to it or not. Always put your safety first and use protection.

Do Not Expect Them to Fall in Love

First of all, it is rare for this to happen. If your partner has chosen “just sex” in place of a relationship, they probably have their reasons. If you are waiting around for them to change their mind, you will likely be disappointed. Instead of getting angry with the person for not changing or selling yourself short of your true desires, try using something other than sex to get what you want.

Do Not Linger in the Morning

After casual sex, the early morning is the appropriate time to go home. It is respectful to offer/accept coffee while giving your body a little time to wake up. However, if you proceed to linger long enough for lunchtime to role around, your partner has probably been wondering for when you are going to leave, for hours. If you enjoy spending all your time with someone, you date them. If you enjoy spending your night with someone, you make them a friend with benefits. Do not impose on your friends day.

Be Respectful

Do not pretend to be a boyfriend/girlfriend to get casual sex. A friends with benefits arrangement should be a mutual decision, in which both parties understand that there is no level of commitment. Also, you should be respectful of the fact that your partner may date and have relationships outside of your arrangement. Always respect their privacy in this matter.