Evaluating Retirement Communities in Florida by the Amenities They Offer

In the United States, the most popular destination for retirement communities is Florida. The weather is some of the best in the country, leaving all kinds of outdoor activities possible. It’s a popular travel and vacation destination, and there is always something to do in this state, with nothing being too far away.

With so many choosing the sunshine state for their senior years, there are plenty of retirement communities to choose from in different areas of the state and different distances from big cities. Each of the retirement communities in Florida you look at when house hunting will feature amenities that seem appealing. Before touring different places, make a checklist of what’s important to your lifestyle. This will help in the decision-making process to decide which amenities are needed to enjoy retirement.

The Sports and Fitness Fanatic

For retirees that are physically fit and enjoy working out or playing sports, the retirement communities in Florida have a lot to offer. Tennis courts, softball fields, horseshoe pits, fitness centers, golf, and swimming may be especially attractive and important considerations in choosing the right development for the retiree’s active lifestyle. These places also tend to offer classes as well, for instruction on using the gym, improving fitness, playing tennis, and golf pros that can help improve one’s game.

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy getting to play everyday (weather permitting) with the popularity of the sport being a huge factor for many choosing from adult communities in Florida. Some developments feature a golf course with additional golfing amenities, such as special golf cart garages, paths to grocery stores, lessons from a pro and a golf pro shop. Choosing a home in a golf community also means that it will be easy to find other golfers to play with on a regular basis. Before choosing a specific community, check on any restrictions for the carts, such as where they are not allowed, should be parked, etc.

The Socialite

Starting over in a new community is much easier if there are social events and activities in order to make new acquaintances. Adult communities in Florida that have a club house often offer social events, classes, and on-site restaurants to frequent. Finding others with similar interests in classes, or at social events could lead to more companionship, which is especially nice if moving into the area from other states or parts of the country.

No matter what hobbies and activities are desired, retirement communities in Florida offer it–from art classes with painting, pottery, and ceramics to fitness classes like yoga, spinning, swimming, water aerobics and dance. With weekly social events like ballroom dancing, socials, and casual dining, there are many chances to get to know more people in your community. Having all of these activities near one’s home allows retirees to make friends with similar interests.

The Inquisitive Adventurous Spirit

In addition to activities and sports, Florida caters to the retired with all-inclusive communities that offer a variety of lifestyle amenities. Imagine having hundreds of classes to choose from, fitness centers and spas that deliver the activity and relaxation one needs, golf courses that always offer a challenge, and great restaurants to choose from every night for dinner. All of this comes alongside security with advanced home systems, and a concierge service to help with any request–from theater tickets and dinner reservations to setting up transportation to the airport or activities for the grandkids when they come to visit.

No matter what you think you want to do in your retirement years, there is probably an adult community in Florida that would seem custom designed just for you. Take your time in choosing the most important amenities for you, and you will enjoy the rest of your years as much as possible.