Does It Make Sense To Finish Your Degree After All These Years?

If you’re like 1/6 adults who haven’t finished college you may be asking yourself if it makes sense to finish your degree after all these years. In my opinion the answer is an astounding yes! Even though you may be established in your career you never know when the opportunity will arise to get promoted and it may come down to you with your several years experience and no degree or a person with a degree and now experience.

If you had your degree to go along with your years of work experience you would be ahead of the game for sure! There are many colleges and universities that have degree programs for working adults. They have made it very convenient to attend school. They offer night classes and even weekend classes. There really isn’t an excuse not to finish unless you just don’t want to.

Obama has even put aside money for those that want to attend school and don’t have the funds. All it takes is a little flexibility on your part to fit it into your day and some dedication. Think of how proud you will feel when you get that degree and you finally have that piece of paper.

Not only will you have achieved a goal that had been put off for years but your family will also be very proud of you. Now, if a promotion comes up and they need someone with a degree you can apply with confidence knowing that you are more than qualified. In these tough economic times it really pays to have the advantage.

Check your local state school for Adult Degree programs and you will be surprised at all of your options. Remember, scholarships are also available so don’t worry about the finances, just do it. There are also online degree programs that are available to you.