Are You an Indigo Soul?

Everything is contained within the all-encompassing nature of the Divine, yet each aspect of the Universe appears as separate and unique. Of course, Infinite Consciousness does no place labels on things, only the mind does this to understand them. So distinguishing Indigos from other souls may seem just a mental exercise to some, since we are all one and the same, and we all belong to the same Infinite Consciousness Continuum.

However, just like energy vibrates at different frequencies to create what we perceive as material reality, allowing us to differentiate a tree from a bush, a dog from a wolf, or a rose from a gardenia, souls come in different frequencies as well. I am not just referring to the fact that throughout our soul journey we each accumulate many experiences and impressions, which make up who we are and how we perceive things as individuals, but to the fact that individual souls may be equipped with a specific “internal software,” if you will, from the beginning of their journey-one that connects them to their soul family and the plane where they originated.

Many souls have been invited to this planetary experiment, so we have come from different planets and Universes to participate in the co-creation, evolution, and consciousness expansion on Earth. Each soul type either has something to contribute or was simply drawn to the experience of physical reality. Some of these souls are what is now known as Indigos.

You may think it’s all semantics, that all souls are the same, simply evolving over thousands of years, but that would be like believing that all flowers are but evolutionary states of a single original flower. The Universe is much more creative that that! There are many different souls out there; I just focus on Indigos because I know them from inside out, and my own journey has been about understanding their differences and purpose.

An Indigo would probably not question that there are differences between souls, precisely because Indigos feel very different from most people, and this feeling creates much confusion, self-consciousness, and suffering. Indigos also know that the Universe and the Divine are Creative Consciousness in infinite motion and that any evolutionary conceptualization of life always falls short. We are non-linear thinkers.

Indigos and the New Age of Humanity

Indigos have been coming in increasing numbers over the millenniums, and newer generations are now getting ready to populate the planet and establish the New Age of Humanity (the Age of Aquarius), along with similar souls known as Crystals and Rainbows. These are most of the kids you see now. Many of us had to come before them, however, to pave the way and help them out by planting the seeds of change over centuries and then eventually parent, teach, and support them. Of course, other soul types are also incarnating now, just in lesser numbers, to do the same in a few hundred years.

The Indigo Children were first acknowledged in the 70′s, thanks to a psychic’s perception of the indigo color in their aura. This was the color she saw because Indigos have an open/active Third Eye (Ajna chakra), which vibrates at the same frequency as the color indigo. Indigo relates to intuition, perception, and introspection. It is also associated with meditation, spirituality, and the wisdom of the higher mind (buddhi).

Indigo Children were portrayed as a “psychic phenomenon” that caught the media’s attention because some of them showed paranormal abilities (psychic abilities related to the Third Eye), but nobody put much thought into what it really meant to be an Indigo, or into the possibility of adult Indigos or other soul types being here.

I went through many years of psychotherapy and even more years of meditation and spiritual practices, as well as many emotionally challenging situations, before life finally placed all the pieces of the puzzle in front of me to help me understand that I was an Indigo. Once I began embracing that, everything started making sense, falling into place, if you will, and my own life story acquired a completely different meaning. It was as if a weight was lifted from me and I could finally breathe deeply. For the first time in my life it was OK to simply be without feeling so constricted!

In truth, we Indigos tend to live lives of quiet desperation, feeling that there is something wrong with us because we feel socially awkward (to different degrees) in our attempt to fit in and be part of a world that essentially does not resonate with us. Yet we love people and the planet, and want to help and be part of the action. We feel out of place until we heal our emotional and spiritual wounds, understand our unique internal software, and accept that it’s not only OK to be different; it is absolutely necessary to change things.

Since we are very empathic, we also need to learn to set the boundaries that keep us connected to who we really are while still being able to get involved in the world. If we have Indigo children, we share the internal angst with them and have a hard time setting emotional boundaries, yet at the same time we can come up with creative and liberating ways of parenting and educating. In truth, we are here to transform the old ways into new paradigms.

Some Pointers to Understand Your Indigo Nature

We Indigos share similarities and yet are unique in that we have assimilated our experiences in individual ways, because we don’t fit any particular mold: we cherish individuality and freedom, embrace all polarities, possess a great amount of creative energy, and have a strong sense of service. Yet our emotional sensitivity and inner wisdom are often in conflict with the world, which makes us doubt our self-worth.

Here are a few pointers that can help you determine whether you are an Indigo or not. These come not just from my own experience, but also from the expression of many of my Indigo clients and my observation of other Indigos (both adults and kids). I don’t need to see the color of their auras to recognize Indigos, because the way they express themselves is very distinctive. If you are an Indigo, then:

You have an inner sense of being here to accomplish/contribute something: a sense of purpose (even if you don’t know what it is yet)

This sense of purpose is a driving force that keeps you searching for the meaning of your life You feel like “a stranger in a strange land” no matter where you are

You have a very strong connection to animals and nature and cannot bear to see them suffer

The ways of the world don’t make sense to you and can become overwhelming

The way people relate to each other doesn’t make sense (especially power-oriented relationships)

You cherish freedom and will fight if someone tries to control you You are highly empathic and feel the suffering of others deeply

You are hypersensitive at many levels, especially emotionally, but can also be physically (allergic to stuff)

You conserve the naivet?� of childhood no matter how old you get Your life is an intense journey-emotionally or otherwise

You are generous and compassionate, and injustice hurts you deeply

You know there is more to life than meets the eye, and yearn to find what it is all about

Religious dogma goes against your nature and inner knowing of the Truth

I could go on, but this will give you a good idea of basic Indigo characteristics. All Indigos need emotional and spiritual healing, especially now that the planet is shifting into a higher dimension, and adult Indigos are awakening and feeling the drive to find their purpose and make sense of their life.

If you would like to get a more in-depth understanding of what being an Indigo is like, you can always visit my shop and listen to one of my audio lectures.