Adult Vacation in Tahiti

The Society Islands are the islands that are near Tahiti. They are the perfect getaway islands for a romantic vacation. These islands are located in the South Pacific and have pristine white sand beaches and idyllic weather and scenery. These islands are surrounded by blue-green waters that are crystal clear. The clear water exposes the beautiful and colorful fish that you can see without snorkeling gear. These islands have lush green rain forests with colorful wild flowers and they have towering volcanic mountains that rise above incredibly beautiful lagoons, this is paradise.

Two of the society islands that are ideal for an adult vacation are Bora Bora and Moorea.

Bora Bora is an island that allows you to just be natural. As a matter of fact, you can go nude on the beach and in the water if that is your desire and have a romantic secluded beach experience.

Besides the nude bathing you can also enjoy all of the water sports, snorkeling, parasailing, swimming or you can simply go hiking on the beach or into the tropical rainforests. On Bora Bora you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets, great cuisine and have romantic strolls on the beach. It is an ideal couples destination.

Moorea, another Society Island offers a little different experience. Of course, you have the fantastic scenery and the waters that are absolutely exquisite, There are beaches that you can go nude that are secluded and there are beaches that are family oriented.

Moorea has little family shops and also has bungalows over the water. It has the tropical rain forests for hiking and beautiful waterfalls. It is located just a few miles from Papeete, Tahiti which can be reached by hydroship in about 20 minutes. So if you are a romantic couple that wants to do something other than sunbath and water sports such as learning a little about the culture of Tahiti and visiting the shops of Papeete and talking to the local people then Moorea is probably the island for you.

Contact your travel agent and plan the adult Tahiti vacation package of your dreams.

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