Adult Tinkerbell Costume – Fairy Fun For Everyone

People love dressing up as fairies for Halloween and other costume parties, including adults. And one of the most fun of all is the adult Tinkerbell costume. The Fairy is human yet magical, small yet powerful, innocent yet sexy, and good-natured yet mischievous – and sometimes even ill-tempered. Fairies symbolize simplicity and freedom, nature and magic. Wearing a fairy costumes allows people to be cheerful, sexy, and mischievous, which is a wonderfully fun combination at parties. It should come as no surprise then, that fairy costumes are among the most popular purchased for Halloween.

The most famous and well-known fairy is, of course, Tinkerbell from the books and movies of Peter Pan. Disney’s version of Tinkerbell in their animated Peter Pan movie set the standard for Tinkerbell’s appearance as a short, long-haired blond in a green leafy dress. There have been other versions of Tinkerbell in the media, however. In Hook, the live-action sequel to Peter Pan, Tinkerbell was played by the tall, short-haired redhead Julia Roberts, and wore a costume of shirt and shorts of light brown leather. The point is that anyone today, regardless of height, weight, hair or skin color, can be unmistakably recognized wearing adult Tinkerbell costumes.

These two movie costumes can also be used to represent the two aspects of Tinkerbell. The sweet, sexy, and helpful Disney Tinkerbell wears the green dress, while the energetic, mischievous, and at times jealous Julia Roberts Tinkerbell wears the brown shirt and shorts.

If you want to dress in a mischievous, jealous adult Tinkerbell costume, then choose a costume comprising of dark colors and matte fabrics. The different shades of brown from the Hook Tinkerbell costume is a good start, but feel free to experiment with shade of dark green, blue, purple, red, or even black. Use fabrics that absorb light rather than reflect it, such as velvet or suede. Use dark makeup colors, add dark colored or stripped tights, and ware boots. When choosing wings, go for the colored, butterfly-shaped wings, rather than the traditional pale dragonfly winds. Be sure to play lots of pranks on people at the party.

If you choose to pursue a sweet and helpful adult Tinkerbell costume, use the Disney-style green “leafy” dress as your starting point. You can use any shade of green from the light chartreuse and lime colors, to darker shades of emerald and forest green. Feel free to mix shade of green. Choose fabrics that are shiny, like silk, satin, or polyester, and trim the dress with glitter, sequins, or rhinestones for a sparkly, glittery effect. For footwear, you can go barefoot, or try white or green ballet slippers. Finally, complete the costume with traditional white or iridescent dragonfly wings.

If you want to try the sexy Tinkerbell costumes for adults, start with the sweet and helpful Disney adult Tinkerbell costume and tweak it in just the right places. Instead of a full, knee-length skirt with scalloped edges, aim for a figure-hugging mid-thigh length skirt comprised of separate, overlapping green “leaf” pieces that will occasional separate to flash your legs as you walk. Choose a sleeveless (or maybe even strapless) bodice with a low neckline. Finish the costume with white, silver, or green high heels.

Tinkerbell was known for her famous pixie dust that allowed anyone sprinkled with it to fly. Therefore, pixie dust is a requirement for any adult Tinkerbell costume. A small bag filled with glitter works wonderfully. Alternately, for people worries about making a mess or running out of pixie dust, a wand with gold or silver metallic streamers attached to the end, works just as well. Both glitter and metallic streamers can be bought from any party supply store.