Acne – It’s Not Just For Teens

Acne is usually thought of, primarily, as a problem for teens, even though there are adults who suffer from acne. From their twenties and beyond, adults suffer from acne caused by the negative effects of stress and having the acne pop up.

Mental stress can be one of the major causes of acne development in adults. Women are more likely to break out than men because of more intense stress caused in their lives. Hormonal imbalances in times of pregnancy and, monthly menstruation are especially prone to breakouts.

Another factor in developing acne for adults is the environment. Dust, carried through the air from your surroundings can be carried through the wind and left onto your face. If you don’t wash away this dirt and dust and clog up and infect your pores.

Something we can learn from teens is washing your face frequently and maintaining good personal hygiene. Take regular showers and wash your face with a mild soap. This will prevent your acne from developing into an infection.

Monitoring your diet can be another help to controlling adult acne. Drink plenty of water, exclude oily foods from your diet and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Adults must take this advice and that is to get plenty of rest. Your pores need time to relax, which will prevent the spread of acne.

An adult’s lifestyle isn’t usually one that allows you to take all the above steps in order to prevent acne. You can easily avoid drinking liquor or any alcohol based beverages. Smoking is also a contributing factor so if you do smoke, quit!