Everyone knows that the future is technology… at least that’s what we’ve been told from the end of the Victorian era. So is it the truth? Well technology moves us forward and opens doors to a world that at one time could only be imagined, but honestly, how far can Technology take us when it’s such a specialized field?

Do you know how a 3D printer works? Everyone does, or they know the basics. You put filament in the top and it’s melted down to be ‘printed’ out of a nozzle that follows a pattern making a 3D object. Right? But do you understand the chips and processors that make the printer work? No, you need a programmer when it breaks. Technology is a wonderful thing. The pinnacle of humanities greats achievements: be it glory, fame, peace, or prosperity, someone somewhere used a piece of tech to get there as surely as ancient man used bows and spears to hunt. So then tell me – if it is the only future we have, why do so few people hold its keys?

We all know how we get things like cell phones and tablets. Someone has an idea, and sells that idea. OR someone makes something and is so proud of it that they spread it to everyone they can like the internet. But in order to have these things in society, we need to maintain it. Coders that run websites, cell phone shops to repair drops and water damage. Anyone today can get online and search for any nanopositioner software for sale, but how many of us knows what that means? And don’t say you can just ask google… google will only take you to sites where it’s found. That might give you a definition or a picture but if you don’t understand the techno-lingo you’re out of luck buster.

So long as there are people that hold the power of your technological life in their hands to some point you are in their power. But… remember this: while it’s always good to question life as it may be, it is NOT always good to come to the answer that something must change. No one likes the idea that our literal jobs, shopping, and social life hinge on coders and hackers keeping the internet strong, or doctors telling them what to eat. But all of history tells us that few people running the world is bad because they are corrupted easily. Thousands of hackers might be small compared to millions of people, but way too big to corrupt. That specialized field isn’t quite so special that you’ll run into someone with complete control. Then remember those thousands are scattered across the globe. They’ll never really be ‘lost’ to history either. So knowing these two facts arm us with the knowledge that no, we don’t know what the future of humanity is. But we do know that like always technology will make our path.