Education is an important factor that has a direct impact on society. Educators in the field hold high standards for their students and are constantly assessing them daily to see where they fall. Every teacher has different ways of teaching the same material and they do so how they feel it is effective. Like students, teachers are constantly being graded on their abilities as well. The effectiveness of their lesson, the classroom interaction, and the overall grades of their students are what educators are assessed on. This is done through teacher observation either locally or remotely through the use of technology. Using technology creates a less intrusive atmosphere for the teacher to be evaluated and can be done so more frequently.

Teachers deliver lessons that are important to the students and their skill level. Every classroom learns the same material, just in different methods. It is important that teachers can effectively deliver the material. Observing them as they teach can not only offer insight into these methods but maybe a strong example of a new way of teaching in the future. Every method of delivery is important, and students must absorb the material. Using an IPad or another technological device from a remote location lets the teacher deliver the message in the way they choose without the obsessive intrusion.

Classroom interaction Is another great observation tool to evaluate teachers. The more they can engage their students and get them involved in the discussion or activity, the more they can understand it. Watching the reaction on the children’s faces through technology keeps their reactions genuine in the environment they are comfortable in.

No matter the delivery method of the teacher or educator, the retention level of the material is most important. This can be measured by the overall grades of the student’s tests and daily work. It is important to take into account how recent the material was delivered to the students. Comparing the grades of each classroom group can create some effective insight into the delivery methods that work for teachers.

Observing teachers is an important key component in keeping the schools up to date. Only the best educators should be teaching and keeping our kids informed. Students in every classroom learn differently and teachers should be teaching to all of the different types. Using the invention of technology to observe teachers creates a simple and less intrusive method to not interrupt the classroom education. Different methods of observation can be used to determine effective teaching methods to help students to retain the knowledge. Each individual teacher makes a difference in the lives of students and can be used as a tool to further the delivery methods in schools today.

With the use of technological observation, notes that teachers can actually watch their lessons and see how they teach. Seeing how teachers teach their students also keeps the quality high and can eliminate any educator that may be causing issues. The art of observing teachers in action through technology may seem intrusive, but there are benefits to the entire process in the end. It is a great idea.