clean water

Cultures throughout history have associated clean water with life, and a lack of water with death. We need to learn to preserve our water with effective wastewater treatment, otherwise there will be no clean water left to sustain life on Earth.

The dangers of impure water

The dangers of impure or polluted water are well known. It can lead to a wide variety of diseases, agricultural failures, and it threatens plant and animal life. In 2016 South Africa was reported to have produced an average of 800 million litres of sewage per day! That is a staggering amount of polluted water, and comes with an approximate annual cost of 5 billion rand.

This level of pollution is causing countries like South Africa billions in health, agricultural and purification costs. This is a monumental financial risk, along with the serious health risks. That is why efficient wastewater treatment plants are needed.

Nereda® wastewater treatment plants

Nereda® is an effective solution which is currently under construction or has already been implemented in five continents. One factor which makes Nereda® wastewater treatment plants so effective and efficient is the fact that it takes up far less space than most wastewater treatment plants. Because it makes use of a single-tank design and is excellent for retrofitting, it has a far smaller footprint and uses up less resources and space.

Due to this single-tank design, with all functions present in a single tank, Nereda® is extremely energy efficient. It can save up to 50{0b6b1c831b21b1baf6f35119d434cbf55c0d344f6a90ea93a21ef6c011c5fa9e} on energy costs, which is a considerable financial benefit when you consider that South Africa reportedly uses about 3 million gigawatts of energy in a year on wastewater treatment. Especially for developing countries, saving half of the cost on such large amounts could make a dramatic difference to the overall improvement of such countries.

We need to clean our water, and preserve it

It is obvious from the above that efficient wastewater treatment is vital to preserving not only individual lives, but potentially entire economies. Although wastewater treatment and water preservation may seem unrelated, they go hand-in-hand. Polluted water is available in vast amounts, but it is harmful, mostly useless and it is costing countries billions to treat. This is comparable to the Greek myth of the Danaids, cursed to carry water to fill a bath with a hole in its base forever, never able to fill it.

The more we pollute, the more we waste. Do some research on the effects of water pollution and how Nereda® can help reduce the burden.