Preparing For Beagle Puppies

One of the best things that you can do before you bring home any puppy is to do some research on the breed. It’s important that you find out as much information about beagle puppies as possible before making the decision to get one. It is very important that you are aware of the care that beagle puppies will need.

Beagles are known to be a very loving, gentle breed of dog. One of their most desirable characteristics is their good nature. Having had beagle puppies since I was kid has made me somewhat of an expert on the breed. One of the first I remember about our very first beagle puppy, was his not stop tail wagging. It’s not uncommon for a beagle to greet you with a wagging tail. Beagles are very sociable dogs and they are extremely intelligent. They are exceptionally good with children and they are also usually pretty good with other dogs. Although, to avoid any confrontation, I would recommend introducing your dog to the new beagle puppy before you bring the new puppy home. Beagles can be dominant, so if you have a beagle at home already, definitely introduce the new pup on neutral ground.

Beagles were originally bred to be hunting dogs. Most of them will have an innate desire to hunt. It is not so much of a problem with beagle puppies, but adult beagles could be a little feisty with other small pets, such as cats, could be a problem. Bringing a puppy into a home that already has cats usually isn’t a problem but a more mature dog may not be too friendly toward a cat. Beagle puppies usually don’t have a problem adapting. A beagle’s instinct to hunt can get them into trouble both in and out of the home.

This breed also is known to have a mind of their own. This is especially evident when they have picked up on a scent. It’s really not their fault it is just their instinct to hunt taking over. If you try to intervene with a beagle while they are busy tracking, they will probably get upset. Always keep a watchful eye on all new beagle puppies. They are just like the adult beagles and they will take off if they pick up on a scent. Backyards should be fenced in, but you still have to keep an eye on them because have been known to dig. We had a beagle that would squeeze under the fence any chance he could get!

Taking your puppies for a walk everyday can avoid some of their mischievous behavior. As long as they are given enough exercise and play, beagles are relatively calm dogs.