Karting Parties for More Fun and Exciting Celebrations

Are you planning to organise a party for birthdays, youth organisation, or perhaps a stag or hen weekend celebration? Then why don’t you try circuit go kart parties? This is a new way to bring fun and excitement to traditional parties that we used to enjoy before.

Today, karting parties are becoming increasingly popular both here in the United Kingdom and abroad. It is because of the exhilarating and unique experience it offers to people of all ages, making it an ideal solution for organising birthday parties, stag or hen celebrations, youth acquaintance parties, and even corporate events.

Junior Karting Parties

Compared to traditional parties, this one involves endurance, team spirit and leadership skills since it promotes a team exercise. However, does circuit go karting requires a driver’s license? Is it safe for young children? What age of children is allowed to drive the go karts?

Basically, karting doesn’t require a driving license. Therefore, even young children can drive it. The minimum age for go kart drivers is eight years old. On the contrary, there are some karting venues that insist on a minimum age of 16. So before you book for junior karting parties, do not forget to verify this information to the venue manager.

Yes, circuit karting is safe for young children. It is because a venue facilitator will make some safety briefing prior to letting the children drive the go karts. During the short briefing, the facilitator will explain about the driving techniques and safety precautions. They will also ensure that safety helmets and overalls are provided.

As an alternative, you may also book for other facilities such as laser tag games. At Cannon Raceway, for example, there is a special package for junior karting, laser tag games and a combination of the two for a minimum of ten children for about two hours. This package includes invitations, designated party rooms, party bags, children’s party buffet and unlimited free squash.

Adult Parties

This venue is also ideal for adult parties such as stag or hen parties, student/youth acquaintance parties and corporate events. With adult karting race tracks and laser tag games all under one roof, it is really the best place to get your party started.

When looking for the best karting venue, it is highly recommended to find the one that is located within a close proximity of a major town or city, making your circuit karting experience a moment to remember. If possible, look for a venue that is willing to assist you with all your needs. So for a unique celebration with your family, friends and colleagues, why not choose a karting party for your next special event?