Incontinence Supplies Help People Regain Confidence And Dignity

Incontinence supplies are important for the freedom and dignity of people who have an issue with controlling their bladders or bowels and for keeping clothing and bedding stain free. Whether young, old or somewhere in between, there are many reasons for incontinence. Some are psychological, but many are physical and can be related to injury or illness. Incontinence supplies include diapers and pull-ups, pads and liners, under pads and bed liners, and bedwetting alarms.

When an older child has problems with bedwetting, it often has something to do with what is going on in his or her life. The psychological effects of whatever is happening may cause the child to not wake up in the night to use the toilet. Consequentially, he or she wets the bed, which in and of itself can be traumatic and cause feelings of shame and guilt. It is important to give these children as much love and support as possible, and part of that support can come from a bed liner or under pad. By placing one of these items under the sheets, the child is being protected from the moisture that is created during urination and protecting the mattress from stains.

Adding a bedwetting alarm can further improve the child’s ability to take control of his or her life. When the child hears the alarm, he or she may be able to get up and run to the bathroom. If the child knows where the clean linens and the washing machine are, he or she can take care of the problem created by putting the soiled sheets in the washer, which can be turned on the next morning, and putting new sheets on the bed. No siblings have to know what is going on, and the child’s dignity is preserved.

Unfortunately, the word “diaper” conjures up pictures of infants and toddlers and that leaves many adults who have to use diapers feeling like they are less than the adult they used to be. What society doesn’t realize is that plenty of respectable people use diapers in their jobs. Astronauts, senators, pilots and guards have all been known to use diapers to facilitate the work that they have to do. Diapers are good to use when there is no opportunity to get to a bathroom. Just like the people in the aforementioned jobs, many people who deal with incontinence do not have the choice of getting to a toilet. Whether they have bladder control issues through illness, injury or old age, there should be no stigma against wearing diapers.

Adult diapers come in many forms including disposable, non-disposable and pull-ups. In japan, there have been fashion shows to display the growing collection of fashionable diapers. They may not have made it to the realm of lingerie, but they are getting there. Pull-ups offer the user the opportunity to pull the diapers up and down like underwear. This allows greater freedom, especially when the person has some bladder control. They can use the bathroom with no complicated taping or reapplication that a regular diaper may entail.

Pads and liners are for lighter flow issues. They work in the same way that a woman’s maxi-pad does: absorbing the liquid that may escape, but having a somewhat limited capacity when compared to diapers.

Every person’s incontinence issue is unique to him or her and someone who experiences bladder control issues will need to choose the right incontinence supplies for him or herself. There is no feeling greater than regaining freedom and dignity that a person once thought was lost. Diapers, pull-ups and other products created to deal with incontinence can help with that.