It is a common thing for any student to write different types of essays. The performance of an essay is a compulsory element of any educational program in different corners of the world. They are needed to show the excellence of the students. Undoubtedly, this task is not easy at all, and students have to give out merely all their strengths to perform it properly and on time.

Each essay is special and has its own characteristics. However, there are lots of similarities. One of such is the structure, which consists of the introduction, main body, and conclusion. At times, a good beginning is half of the deal. Accordingly, it is important to give more heed to the introduction of your paper.

An introduction is like a guidebook to the entire paper. It explains the main purpose of the research and highlights the new ideas and methods that will reveal the main question in full. Though this part of an assignment is short, it is essential. A good introduction is able to attract the attention of the potential readers. You have to make it interesting and show the importance of your work. Make it catchy and impressive. Under such condition, you will get the readers’ attention and they will eagerly continue to read your work.

In order to write a proper introduction, you should undertake several steps. These are:

1.  The Background of the Topic

Your target is to tell the readers the meaning and value of your title. You may use some interesting facts and quotations while introducing it to support your topic. Try to make it interesting and specific.

2.  Tell about Your Purpose

You should mention the nature of your topic. Tell whether there is a problem or some contraries in regard to your topic. Explain the methods you are going to use in order to reveal your main question. In the case, you are going to use definite special terms or acronyms make sure to explain them. Explain them in your own words so that your introduction is clear for understanding.

3.  Introduce the Major Concepts That Stem from Your Topic

Make sure to clarify your readers the way you are going to answer the main question and what you are expecting to offer them at the end of your research.

4.  Mention the Reasons of Your Choice

It is likewise significant to explain the reasons that made you choose this very topic. Clarify why it is so important and what it means personally for you. Don’t forget to mention the value for the society in general or for a definite category of people who might be interested in your research.

State all these points while writing your introduction.

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