If there is one thing that high school and college students have grown tired of, then it’s the large number of assignments. The current education system focuses on assignments (a form of self-study) as a method to educate students, which not always yield positive results. In an attempt to finish all their academic tasks on time, students end up creating low-quality work. This leads to a slump in their finals scores, and worse, embarrassment in front of the class for having poor assignment writing skills. It may not be entirely the students’ fault, but it is best to avoid such a scenario by being prepared all the time.

Here’s a brief look at what students can do to avoid such a situation and create top-notch assignments – whether it is a science research paper or an essay on English literature. Re-editing the assignment after completion, getting feedback from family or friends, and taking help from an online assignment writing service are some of the best solutions for this problem. However, let’s first understand the reasons why students are embarrassed by their own assignments and then look at solutions to overcome them.

Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

The biggest and most common reason that causes embarrassment to a student is an assignment riddled with spelling mistakes, typographic errors, and grammatical mistakes. A spelling mistake in the opening paragraph of a research paper is not only a turn-off to the readers (teachers, examiners) but also a sign of lack of focus. While this may not be taken seriously by students (and sometimes teachers), it can come back to haunt them later in their professional lives. There’s no substitute for poorly written content in the professional space.

The easiest way to avoid these mistakes is to proofread and edit the content post completion. Proofreading must be carried out at least twice and must be left as the last step. Students can either use their native word processors (Microsoft Word, for example) or online tools like Grammarly to check the spellings and grammar. However, it would be wise to not depend on them entirely as even they can cause errors sometimes.

Lack of Depth Due to Poor Research

There’s an old story that involves a school student who was assigned the task of writing a short essay on a goat. Since he didn’t have much idea about the domestic animal, he introduced a tree in the first sentence (as in, the goat was tied to a tree) and wrote the rest of the essay about it. This is a classic example of how not to write an assignment. If the teacher has assigned a specific topic (say, human anatomy), students must stick to the topic.

Writing an essay or a research paper must involve extensive research on the topic lest it will look like a piece of generic content. The idea of writing an assignment is to provide a new approach or point of view to the reader about the topic that he already has an idea about.

Students must put efforts while researching their topics to avoid a situation where the teacher pulls up their assignments and shows them as an example of “how not to write an essay”. It can be humiliating.

Style and Language

As mentioned above, generic content is a big no-no while writing assignments. In addition to that, students must apply strong language in their content so that it aligns with their level of grade. For example, if a college student writes about human anatomy like a high school student would, then the assignment will be deemed as poorly-written. What will be worse? The teacher reading the sentences out loud in front of the whole classroom.

There are two ways to handle this: rework sentences or take external help. While it is recommended that students must complete their own assignments so as to build creativity, they can occasionally take external help from assignment writing services to understand the right type of styles and languages that must be employed.

These three are the top reasons that can cause embarrassment to students. Students must not feel apprehensive about these issues and instead focus on correcting them. The key is to put some efforts into assignment writing, and by the time they graduate they will become excellent writers.