Congrats! You’ve decided to change careers. Whether you are swapping fields, diving deeper into your craft, or exploring new horizons, there’s a perfect job out there just waiting for you. Check out these simple tips to streamline your job search.


Take some time to reflect on your past jobs and experiences. What did you like? Dislike? What sparked creativity? Make a short list of potential careers that sounds both practical to your current life stage and exciting for long-term growth. If you are unsure about what the next step may involve, consider touring and shadowing some local businesses to soak in the learning. Interested in law? Reach out to a lawyer and schedule a coffee or lunch meeting to learn about a “day in the life.”


Once you have a few industries or roles in mind it’s time to think about mutual connections in those fields. Connections will help you learn more about specific companies and jobs. Connecting with family, friends, or colleagues in various businesses can also help you hear about current and future job openings, often before they are posted online. To make even more connections consider visiting a local employment agency boston ma to stay up-to-date on potential jobs that may be a match.

Interview, Interview, Interview

The most time consuming, yet most informative, part of a job search involves interviewing. During a career change it’s especially important to interview at multiple companies to learn about industries you like and don’t like. Analyze each interview in terms of “fit.” Could you see yourself in this new field? What tasks do current employees do? How does this position allow me to grow?

Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey of embarking on a brand-new career! Brainstorm, explore common connections, and enjoy the interview process. Happy job hunting!