The MEAN Stack course is a combination of the technologies such as the MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS. This technology is the latest trend in the full stack JavaScript development. The term MEAN is referred to a set of technologies based on JavaScript which is used to develop web applications. MEAN Stack can be learned through MEAN stack development certification. In this course, the candidates will learn about the basics of MEAN and the use of MEAN stack and components of MEAN stack. In addition, participants will know how to create and test enterprise style applications. Once participants learn MEAN stack, they will be proficient in the components of MEAN.

The participants will learn how to build and test their own MEAN applications. Through information technology classes, one can gain an entire knowledge in the fundamentals of the MEAN Stack technology. Such classes will teach the participants to code and route single page applications. They also know about the advanced web technologies and learn to create enterprise style applications with excellent functionality. Learning MEAN stack is useful for professionals because it allows the entire client to server code to be written in JavaScript. The main reasons for the famous of MEAN stack are its flexibility and open source feature. Similarly, it is easy to learn and customize the applications to fit for one’s need.

Also, the candidates will learn about the JavaScript functions and features and how to use it for application development.

What will participants learn?

The candidates will learn

  • How to create and query MongoDB documents
  • How to develop single page applications
  • How to route the single page applications
  • How to develop Angular JS reusable services, filters, and directives
  • Learn about Angular JS building blocks such as Controller Component, Model Component, View Component, Directives, Filters, Services, Providers, Factory, DI in AngularJS
  • Learn about angular JS applications such as Creating Boundaries using ng-app, Model View Controller, Templates and Data Binding, Repeating elements in templates, Using Expressions, CSS Classes, and Styles, Using Controllers for UI responsibility separation, Responding to model changes

What are the benefits of learning MEAN stack?

By learning MEAN stack participants will

  • Learn the basic components of MEAN and its uses
  • Able to write express back-end web services
  • Able to work on the real-time projects based on MEAN
  • Able to explore the technologies such as MongoDB, Express JS, Node JS and Angular JS
  • Able to consume Express Web Services
  • Able to create and test enterprise style applications

Who can take this course?

MEAN stack can be learned by professionals such as

  • Web developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Beginners
  • Application developers
  • The persons those who have familiarity with HTML and CSS
  • The persons those who have familiarity with JavaScript

This is also learned by the web developing professionals and entrepreneurs those who want to build and test their own applications using MEAN. This type of audience will get greater benefits by attending this course.