The field of automotive design and technology has expanded greatly in the past century.  As people demand more from their cars, this growth is guaranteed to continue. That’s why experts say the field should not be overlooked by students eager to combine their love of computer generated design techniques with the latest IA and robotic engineering. The day when cars and trucks drive themselves is not a matter of if, but when. Today’s motorists will likely not recognize the next phase of automobiles currently on the drawing boards.  They will allow the blind and disabled who must rely on others to get them to and from work, recreation and entertainment to have mobility in ways we can hardly imagine today. Trucks will zip through specialized zones for commerce from ship to shop in record time, and we are closer to flying/driving hybrids than ever before.


Innovations are key to advancing civilization and making our world a better, more inhabitable place. The smart homes we live in now, with virtual talking assistants, remote controlled security systems and robotic floor cleaners were scoffed at only a few decades ago. We take them for granted now. Even the advances in our flooring, like the materials used in the products sold by Lumber Liquidators, can be viewed as marvels of modern technology. You can actually order the flooring you want, use a Groupon code at checkout, and have the floor tiles delivered, installed in a matter of days – not weeks, using products like bamboo, hardwoods, or the ever-popular laminate floating floors. And if you act now, you can have your new floors installed before Christmas. That’s a bit of a miracle itself.