An Explanation of Why People Sometimes Get Incontinence

The reasons for why many people suffer from incontinence are many. Some can be genetic, others can be from age, and some stem from other problems associated with other diseases. But the problem can be found among many people and its roots often stem from things that most people would not associate with the main causes of incontinence. This article will go over the problems and reasons for incontinent among many people today.

In dealing with the factors contributing to the problems of incontinence, there are three bodily functions that mainly affect the reasons why people get incontinence in the first place. Controlling one’s bowel functions, rectal sensation, in other words, the feeling of having to defecate and rectal storage and the inability to store stool in the rectum all are bodily processes that are involved with the problem of incontinence.

A major contributing factor to the problem of incontinence is determined by muscle damage to the anal sphincter muscle itself. When one undergoes surgery for other diseases like Crone’s disease or has hemorrhoid surgery; this too is a reason for incontinence. It also happens when people are treating and maintaining diseases like inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

There are many ways that people are compensating when dealing with their incontinence issues. The anal muscles can grow weak with age and become loose over time. This is a further contributing factor when looking at the problem of incontinence. When nerve damage to the anal and vaginal cavity occurs, this can make incontinence problems often even worse than it was before. This nerve damage occurs when a person strains when going to the bathroom on a regular basis, side effects of Crone’s disease and diabetes, tumors on the spinal column, and the worst of these, as a side effect from M.S. disease.

It can also be found when there is a reduction in the elasticity of the bowels. This factor is usually prevalent when the person has to use the bathroom and storing fecal matter or urine in the bladder and rectum. All of these factors are important when looking at incontinence and the reasons why people get this often embarrassing and debilitating problem.