Adult Acne Solution – The Parable Of The Pot

Picture a beautiful porcelain pot that you have in your home. It is so beautiful, and it enhances the overall look of your living room. The pot’s color is white and it looks elegant and valuable. But, on the weekend some kids from your relatives come to your home. They found your pot and think that it is a great canvas for their drawing experiment. Since your pot is white in color, it is a perfect canvas for some child’s drawing. They grab some crayons and start drawing in your pot. Now, your pot looks ugly with childish drawings in it.

As soon as the kids left your home, you begin to clean the pot with special porcelain cleaner to restore its beauty. And there it is. Your elegant and valuable pot is back.

The simple story above represents the condition of your skin. You have a beautiful skin. But, for some reasons, acne begins to draw its red markings on your skin, and you begin to lose its beauty. But, it is temporary. You can bring your beauty back when you apply the special cleanser for your skin. The kids in the story above are a representation of the foods that you eat.

When you allow bad foods to enter your body, those foods will begin to draw acne on your skin. But, as soon as you refrain from eating foods that make your skin look bad, you can begin to apply the special cleanser for your skin. But only when the bad foods are gone away from your body. That’s because like the kids above, unless they’re still in your home, they will keep drawing on your pot even though you’re cleaning your pot every morning. It won’t work.

Thus, a good adult acne solution consists of two parts. The first part is to cleanse your skin from bad foods. And the second part is to apply a good system to cleanse your acne once and for all.

We know that bad foods are bad for your skin. Foods such as junk foods, high cholesterol foods, and so on will draw more acne to your skin. Therefore, you need to eliminate them from your diet. Once eliminated, you need to apply a solid system of acne elimination that will help you to clear your acne once and for all.

This acne elimination system is called holistic system. This system will help you to clear your acne and restore the beauty of your skin.