4 Causes of Adult Acne

An exact cause for adult acne has never been discovered but we do know several interrelated factors can cause and irritate this humiliating skin condition. Most people think only external factors will cause acne but the main causes of acne are actually internal.

The first step to curing your acne is to understand what causes it, so here are several causes of adult acne.

Some Make-Ups and Skin-Care Products

Comedogenic skin care products cause irritation to the skin as well as clogging of the pores. Some skin-care products which are made for acne can actually make the condition worse because the product is very harsh on the skin which will cause irritation.


Stress leads to an increase in androgen levels, which affects your sebaceous glands. This may then cause acne. This is one of the biggest causes of adult acne.


Even though dermatologists aren’t exactly certain that what you eat will cause acne, a good healthy diet will promote good healthy skin and a bad diet will most likely cause bad skin. Skin is your biggest organ so feed it well.


Acne can be caused by hormonal imbalances. There are hormonal imbalances/changes during stress, menstruation, pregnancy and teenage years. That is why around 85% of teenagers will experience acne or pimples when they are growing up.

Knowing what causes your acne is the first step to curing so by knowing these four causes of adult acne you may be able to reduce your acne condition or even stop it.